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Upgrades - News Rover Version 23 Is Now Available
Upgrade and renew your subscription to the News Rover search service for another year

Click here to download the News Rover upgrade installation file.

Click here to purchase an upgrade key.

Click here to get your free key if your subscription is current.

If you purchased News Rover or paid for a subscription renewal within the last year, click here to get your free key for version 23. If your subscription is not current, click here to renew your subscripton and purchase an upgrade key.

Note: You can upgrade even if you do not have any version of News Rover currently installed.

Upgrade Procedure:

  1. Figure out what name you registered News Rover under. If you aren't sure, you can find out by running News Rover then clicking "Help" on the main menu followed by "Licensing".
  2. Order an upgrade key so that you will be ready to enter it when you start the new version.

    ==> Click here to order your upgrade key <==

    If you have any problems ordering your upgrade key, send e-mail to
    or call 615-327-3670 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central Standard Time.

  3. Download the upgrade file (nrsetup.exe).
  4. Once you receive your key key, install the latest version of News Rover and start it.
    The first screen will prompt you to enter your upgrade key.
  5. For technical questions, send e-mail to

Many New Features!!

Click here to get an upgrade registration key.

Download the installation file