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News Rover iPod® and Windows Media Player® Option

The News Rover iPod and Windows Media Player option makes it fast and easy to download files using News Rover and then transfer them to your portable media player.

Click here to Order the iPod / Windows Media Player Option

Use News Rover's File Locator Search, subscribed newsgroups or AutoscanTM to find and download the file you want. Then click the media player icon on the toolbar to transfer the files to iTunes® or Windows Media Player®.

Here's how to do it...

  1. Download the files you wish to transfer to your media player.
  2. Click the media player icon on News Rover's main toolbar.
  3. A progress bar will be displayed while the files are transferred to the media player.
  4. Once the transfer finishes, the file will be stored in iTunes or the Windows Media Player library.

Configuration controls for the Media Player Option are accessed by clicking "Configure" on News Rover's main menu bar and selecting the "Media Player" property page.

Select either "iPod" or "Windows Media Player" as the type of device you will be transferring files to.

If you wish to have the files added to the main media library, click the box labeled "Put files in main media library". If you prefer to have files added to a playlist, uncheck this box and specify the name of the playlist in the field below it.

In the "Folder" field, specify the folder where you want your files stored. News Rover will copy the files from its internal folders to the specified folder when you initiate a transfer.

iPod® and iTunes® are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

Windows Media Player® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Millions of messages and files of every type are posted to Usenet newsgroups every day. Just like the World Wide Web, Usenet newsgroups contain information on many subjects including technical discussion, personal experiences, heated arguments, controversial articles, and sexually explicit material. Some of the posted material may be offensive or illegal, and some of it may contain copyrighted works of music, art or literature. Since Usenet is a world wide system, material that may be legal to post in one country may be illegal to download in another country.

Our company, S&H Computer Systems, has no control over the material posted to Usenet newsgroups. We do not monitor, store or distribute Usenet files and messages; that is the job of Usenet news service providers. This license agreement prohibits the downloading and posting of material that is illegal or which would violate the copyright of artists and production companies.

The Newsgroup Search feature of News Rover require access to an indexing system we operate. Your license for News Rover includes one year access to the indexing service. At the end of the year you will not be able to use the Newsgroup Search feature unless you pay to renew your support subscription. For additional information about the terms and conditions of the News Rover license, click here.

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